tips on buying businesses

Buyers are always more interested in businesses that have been running and generating a good amount of revenue and profit for a number of years.

While it’s more expensive tobuy out these types of established businesses, there is way less risk involved compared to buying a startup business that has only been around for a few months.

When it comes to buying businesses, experts all over the world will advise you to take the safe option and buy out existing businesses that have been trading for a fairly long time.

Once you decide on the business you want to purchase, you’ll have to hire an a business attorney.

A professional business attorney is highly experienced in the business buyout process. They will help you with the whole process of buying out a business.

Sorting Out a Business Plan

In the case of existing businesses you should find that they already have solid business plans. As you buyout a business, you have the choice of keeping the existing plan or making some significant changes, heck you could throw the plan out completely and come out with one rom scratch (although this isn’t what we recommend).

Every business owner should have a good idea for how they want to operate their business. You’ll more than likely want to make a few changes to the business after you buy it out. In this case you’ll want to take the best parts out of the existing business plan and add bits to it to make it better.

Optimisation is the word that needs to be remembered here.

Pursuing Your Business Interests

One of the first steps towards buying a business is having a look at what’s around you (if you’re planning on buying a local brick and mortar business).

Check if they are any local businesses for sale, you might just find one that meets your expectations perfectly.

Before you do this though, you want to identify where your areas of business interest and expertise lie. You don’t want to invest in something you know nothing about.

Sticking to what you know is the safest option if you’re planning on buying a business, or if you want to venture into uncharted territories, find people who know their stuff in that area and become a sponge!

How Much Time Can You Dedicate?

Owning your own business has it’s rewards but it also comes with a few compromises. If you want to run a successful business, you must be willing to invest a hell of a lot of time (especially at the start). Yes you can hire people to do the grunt work for you but if you’re bootstrapping your business you’ll have the put your head down and hustle for a few months, or even years in some cases.


Before buying out an existing business, you’ll need to really do your research and you may have to seek the advice of a professional. It doesn’t have to be an attorney, it could be someone who has plenty of experience with buying out businesses and knows all the tricks of the trade.