business networking for women

In 2017 I think it’s fair to say that many male entrepreneurs are on average, more successful than their female counterparts. This is not due to a difference in talent, skill, drive or even work ethic.

It’s about the network.

Ever heard the saying “your network is your net worth”?

Well it’s very true. Entrepreneurs have literally added millions to their bottom line by simply attending networking conferences. You can meet some interesting people that you might even end up partnering up with eventually.

Women have the same abilities to network and grow their business as men do but they’re often reluctant to do this. This may be because the industry is dominated by males as well as a variety of other reasons.

I’s vitally important for women entrepreneurs to expand their business network if they want to expand their bottom line.

Building Your Network

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, entrepreneurs that have bigger networks of people tend to grow larger, more successful companies.

One of their reports revealed that women tend to have smaller networks than men. Part of this is because women tend to seek business guidance from family and partners more so than friends and colleagues.

A small network can end up being very limiting for your business as you’re missing out on plenty of potential opportunities to work with other people.

It’s important for women entrepreneurs to expand their social as well as professional networks to include a diverse range of people from different business backgrounds. Making connections with other business owners can help open the doors to amazing new business ventures and possibilities.

If women entrepreneurs want the same opportunities as their male counterparts, they’re going to have to get out there and network more!

Getting Started With Networking

getting started with networkingNetworking may seem like a super easy thing to do but it can be a little bit of challenge to get started.

Whether you’re completely new to the business world or you’re not used to putting yourself out there and talking to people, these tips will help you take those first crucial steps.

See What’s Happening In Your Community

If you’re not sure where to start with networking, find out what’s happening in your local community. Check out local events, Facebook groups and clubs that hold business events that you can get involved in.

Most cities regularly run networking events for small business owners and business professionals alike.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, or maybe just some guidance and mentorship, you’ll want to find a place that brings female business owners together. This gives you the opportunity to connect with and learn from new people who can really help you in your business.

Incubators & Co-working Spaces

coworking spacesWorking together with people is a cornerstone to the growth of your business. Co-working spaces offer a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people and build great business relationships. This can also help if you’re looking for mentoring and advice. There are people out there who have already done exactly what you want to do, how valuable would it be for you to have the opportunity to pick their brains?


Hearing People Out

When you meet other professionals in your community, it’s important to listen and contribute to conversations so you can build that relationship. You may feel like pitching your business or making a sale of some sort but this isn’t the goal of networking. Ask questions, be curious and be the sponge when you have the opportunity to speak to people who’ve achieved what you want.