affiliate marketing as a stay home mom

Many mothers are looking for ways they can generate an income around their ultra-busy lifestyle. As moms, we take on some of the hardest disciplinary and organisational jobs in the world. Looking after children, a household and organising events.

How on earth do we find time to generate an income around all this madness? Is there even something out there that caters to a lifestyle that is so demanding and draining?

Introducing Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you get compensated for making a referral. Let’s use a mommy analogy as an example. Let’s say you’re frustrated about the low levels of service and care that you get from day care companies. You could start a blog and vent your frustrations. You can then generate traffic to that blog from other moms that are searching for solutions to the same problems that you’ve had.

You’re then able to promote products and services relating to your blog. Anytime anyone makes a purchase through your referral, you make money. Simple in practice but never easy in reality.

Has anything worthwhile in your life ever been easy though? Success takes hard work. Us moms out of all people should know this.

Affiliate marketing in business

Affiliate marketing is huge business. Individuals and corporations alike have grown wildly profitable businesses as a direct result of this powerful business model.

Affiliate marketing is present in every industry. Even startups use affiliate marketing to grow their business and increase cash flow.

You can find this business model in pretty much every industry in existence. Anytime you’ve compared flights, hotels, insurance or bought anything online recommended through another website, you’ve been part of an affiliate marketing sales funnel.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is so popular because it has huge benefits. It works in favour for both the affiliate and the merchant (company who owns the products or services you promote). For the sake of article length, lets focus on the benefits you would get as an affiliate marketer:

  • Time and location freedom – Affiliate marketing is a business that can be started online and around your busy lifestyle. This means no answering to any boss and no ties to any physical location.
  • Income potential – As an affiliate, there is no salary. Not having a set amount of money coming into your account every month can be quite startling. But with greater risk comes greater opportunity. Affiliate marketing is a business so your earning potential has no limit. There are marketers out there that are multi-millionaire affiliate marketers. Many of these people started from scratch and still run their business as a sole-person operation.
  • Promote what you want – Affiliate marketing is amazing because you can create a business out of almost everything. Every type of industry has products and services to promote. This means that you can generate an income from writing or working around topics you actually enjoy. This is partly what makes affiliate marketing so special.

These benefits give you a rough guide to how affiliate marketing can work around a busy mom’s lifestyle. We’re not saying it’ll be easy but with the right attitude, work ethic and mindset, the starts are the limit.

Why isn’t everyone doing it if it’s so awesome?

A natural question many people ask when introduced to something that seems to have so many positives and not many negatives.

There are dozens of reasons why lots of people aren’t doing affiliate marketing.

Here are a few:

  • Lack of knowledge – Most people don’t even know affiliate marketing exists. People are still very skeptical when it comes to the internet (although that is slowly changing) and assume most things out there are scams.
  • Lack of know-how – Plenty of people will have heard about great business opportunities in the past but most people don’t know where to start. They’re overwhelmed before they even begin. The explosion of information on the internet doesn’t help with this. Especially because a lot of information out there is contradictory.
  • Lack of drive, focus and motivation – Some people stumble into the digital business world and are blown away by it. They invest in relevant training and start reading everything there is to know about online business. The problem so many people have is that they fail to take action. They get stuck in “education mode”. Constantly learning and feeling as if they aren’t ready to get started. Perfectionism is the killer of all dreams.