The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels female entrepreneurs to spheres of economic, social and political influence worldwide. NAWBO is a 38-year-old nonprofit organization of nearly 8,000 female entrepreneurs that began when a dozen businesswomen in the Washington, D.C., area met informally in late 1974 to exchange information on federal contracts, bank credit and other financial issues.

The organization was incorporated the following year and by 1978 the first chapters were formed with members recruited from across the country. Today, NAWBO has more than 80 chapters. Thirty local women founded the Lexington chapter on Feb. 18, 1992 and unfortunately closed in December 2015.

NAWBO is recognized as a policy leader on Capitol Hill where the organization continues to champion women business owners and their issues to lawmakers, the media, federal government agency heads, White House staff and the business community.

NAWBO has pioneered federal legislation and policy changes on behalf of women business owners in federal procurement assistance programs and for H.R. 5050, the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988.

NAWBO also has an international presence in more than 60 countries as the official U.S. member of Les Femmes Chefs d’Enterprises Mondiales (FCEM). The organization’s efforts earned it an Award of Excellence from the American Society of Association Executives.

As a dues-based organization, NAWBO seeks to build a diverse and inclusive membership with the goal of increasing representation and leadership opportunities in ethnic and minority communities nationwide. Membership is open to
sole proprietors, partners and corporate owners with day-to-day management responsibility in their businesses.

As the Lexington chapter of NAWBO has been disbanded. It is now being turned into a blog about women in business.

Many of us ladies are living super busy lifestyles and would love to have our own business but most of us just can’t seem to find the time.

Plenty of women are also under the assumption that you need to invest a huge sum of money to get started in business. This doesn’t have to be the case. Of course, it depends on the business you’re planning on starting but there are plenty of options to start a business (especially online) that don’t cost the earth.

Some online businesses such as affiliate marketing and dropshipping can be started with literally a few dollars.

The aim of NAWBO is now to provide news and information that will help women become successful the the world of business. Having a place where business women can find content that resonates with them and connect with like-minded ladies is a powerful thing. This is what we aim to do at