what is passive income?

What is Passive Income?

Ever heard the term residual income or passive income and wondered what it was?

Looking to achieve financial freedom? Well passive income is the thing that will get you there and help you sustain a lifestyle that doesn’t involve working your butt off all day, five days a week.

It is in fact, the finest form of currency. The best way to earn any sort of income because it continues to bring in money after you’ve put the work in. Everyone wants to earn some sweet passive income, but the majority of people aren’t willing to put in the work required to get there.

You see, passive income is available to almost everyone out there. The amount of passive income ideas out there is truly staggering. This is mostly thanks to the internet, which has unleashed a pandora’s box of business opportunities and in many cases, levelled the playing field. How? Because starting a profitable business is now within reach of anyone and everyone. No longer are you required to have a huge startup capital or even specialist knowledge.

You can be up and running with an online business for just a few hundred dollars.

Isn’t that staggering?

That you can have your own business up and running for less than a few months of gym membership.

So how does passive income work?

The easiest way to explain this is to give you an example. Let’s say Sally owns a blog about Dalmation dogs. She loves talking about Dalmation dogs and owns three of them herself. Her blog is loved by many people in the dog world. Sally creates an ebook that shows people how to perfectly clean and groom their dalmation dog.

Anytime people land on Sally’s blog, they’re prompted to opt-in to her email list for tips and tricks on all things Dalmation dogs. In this email series (which is fully automated), Sally builds rapport with her subscribers by sending them tons of free valuable information.

After a few days, Sally’s subscribers have taken a liking to her content. The next email they get is all about Sally’s special Dalmation grooming ebook. Because Sally’s prospects have received valuable, insightful content from her before, they are much more likely to invest in her paid offerings.

Sally sells her ebook for $35. She makes 10 sales a day from the organic traffic she receives on her blog. That’s $350 a day. Not bad for a little ebook that can be created in a matter of hours.

Now Sally can sit back and watch the sales roll in as she’s already put in the work once.

This is what passive income is all about.

Why most people don’t earn passive income

why most people don't earn passive incomeAnyone would love to earn some passive income on the side. Even just an extra $500 a month would make a huge difference for a lot of people. The problem is most people aren’t to commit to something long enough to achieve tangible, long-term results.

If I told you that if you sacrificed two years of your life, you could build an online business that earns $10k+ every single month, what would you say?

Most people would bite my hand off and ask me where to sign. But in reality, the majority won’t make it that far.

Building a business takes a certain kind of grit. You have to be willing to perservere against all odds. To maintain a high level of consisency and to fail forward because you definitely will make mistakes along the way.

How you can start earning passive income

The best way to start is to research. And I mean research a lot. Develop a sound understand of the current business landscape. Find out what other people are doing. How are they making money? What business models are they using to generate revenue?

Once you’ve done this, you should pick something. Pick something and stick to it. No matter what.

A sad downside to the infinite access to information we all have is that we get distracted easily. There always seems to be another business opportunity that’s more attractive than your existing one. Don’t fall for this feeble trick of the mind. This is how you end up throwing money away and achieving nothing in the long run.

Stick to one thing, grind it out and report back here in six months!



affiliate marketing as a stay home mom

Affiliate Marketing as a Stay Home Mom

Many mothers are looking for ways they can generate an income around their ultra-busy lifestyle. As moms, we take on some of the hardest disciplinary and organisational jobs in the world. Looking after children, a household and organising events.

How on earth do we find time to generate an income around all this madness? Is there even something out there that caters to a lifestyle that is so demanding and draining?

Introducing Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you get compensated for making a referral. Let’s use a mommy analogy as an example. Let’s say you’re frustrated about the low levels of service and care that you get from day care companies. You could start a blog and vent your frustrations. You can then generate traffic to that blog from other moms that are searching for solutions to the same problems that you’ve had.

You’re then able to promote products and services relating to your blog. Anytime anyone makes a purchase through your referral, you make money. Simple in practice but never easy in reality.

Has anything worthwhile in your life ever been easy though? Success takes hard work. Us moms out of all people should know this.

Affiliate marketing in business

Affiliate marketing is huge business. Individuals and corporations alike have grown wildly profitable businesses as a direct result of this powerful business model.

Affiliate marketing is present in every industry. Even startups use affiliate marketing to grow their business and increase cash flow.

You can find this business model in pretty much every industry in existence. Anytime you’ve compared flights, hotels, insurance or bought anything online recommended through another website, you’ve been part of an affiliate marketing sales funnel.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is so popular because it has huge benefits. It works in favour for both the affiliate and the merchant (company who owns the products or services you promote). For the sake of article length, lets focus on the benefits you would get as an affiliate marketer:

  • Time and location freedom – Affiliate marketing is a business that can be started online and around your busy lifestyle. This means no answering to any boss and no ties to any physical location.
  • Income potential – As an affiliate, there is no salary. Not having a set amount of money coming into your account every month can be quite startling. But with greater risk comes greater opportunity. Affiliate marketing is a business so your earning potential has no limit. There are marketers out there that are multi-millionaire affiliate marketers. Many of these people started from scratch and still run their business as a sole-person operation.
  • Promote what you want – Affiliate marketing is amazing because you can create a business out of almost everything. Every type of industry has products and services to promote. This means that you can generate an income from writing or working around topics you actually enjoy. This is partly what makes affiliate marketing so special.

These benefits give you a rough guide to how affiliate marketing can work around a busy mom’s lifestyle. We’re not saying it’ll be easy but with the right attitude, work ethic and mindset, the starts are the limit.

Why isn’t everyone doing it if it’s so awesome?

A natural question many people ask when introduced to something that seems to have so many positives and not many negatives.

There are dozens of reasons why lots of people aren’t doing affiliate marketing.

Here are a few:

  • Lack of knowledge – Most people don’t even know affiliate marketing exists. People are still very skeptical when it comes to the internet (although that is slowly changing) and assume most things out there are scams.
  • Lack of know-how – Plenty of people will have heard about great business opportunities in the past but most people don’t know where to start. They’re overwhelmed before they even begin. The explosion of information on the internet doesn’t help with this. Especially because a lot of information out there is contradictory.
  • Lack of drive, focus and motivation – Some people stumble into the digital business world and are blown away by it. They invest in relevant training and start reading everything there is to know about online business. The problem so many people have is that they fail to take action. They get stuck in “education mode”. Constantly learning and feeling as if they aren’t ready to get started. Perfectionism is the killer of all dreams.
benefits of owning an online business

Benefits Of Owning An Online Business

Have you ever thought about running your own online business?

Forget about traditional brick and mortar businesses for now, we’re in the digital world. The business models that operate online are completely different to the traditional methods of business we’ve gotten used to.

Here are three big benefits to starting an online business:

Location Independence

Having a business that doesn’t tie you down to a particular location is absolutely invaluable. It gives you the opportunity to travel the world and work at the same time.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need to relocate. Running an online business allows you to literally pack your stuff and leave whenever you want.

Imagine having that freedom..

Relocating wouldn’t affect you anywhere near as much as it would if you were working an office job.

Running an online business enables you run a global business from the comfort of your own home. Your customers reach expands exponentially as you’re able to connect with people from all over the world.

Low Overheads

As a business owners, the most important thing is generating an income and turning a profit. This is of course, one of the primary reasons for going into business.

Traditional businesses tend to have a lot of overhead costs to think about. Staff, rent, inventory and more. An online business can be started by one person and typically doesn’t require anywhere near as much costs when compared to a traditional business.

Many Solopreneurs run their business with monthly operating costs of less than $100. This is a totally different kettle of fish compared to traditional businesses and it’s awesome because it enables people to turn a larger profit with less revenue.

Freedom & Flexibility

freedomEveryone wants that flexibility in their life. Being your own boss, working your own hours and earning your own income. There’s something really special about not having to rely on another company to give you that precious pay check.

Online business also enables you to operate 24/7 365. Websites don’t ever close down and you can setup systems that will run pretty much everything for you in the background so you can take a step back and almost let the business run itself.




business networking for women

Business Networking For Women

In 2017 I think it’s fair to say that many male entrepreneurs are on average, more successful than their female counterparts. This is not due to a difference in talent, skill, drive or even work ethic.

It’s about the network.

Ever heard the saying “your network is your net worth”?

Well it’s very true. Entrepreneurs have literally added millions to their bottom line by simply attending networking conferences. You can meet some interesting people that you might even end up partnering up with eventually.

Women have the same abilities to network and grow their business as men do but they’re often reluctant to do this. This may be because the industry is dominated by males as well as a variety of other reasons.

I’s vitally important for women entrepreneurs to expand their business network if they want to expand their bottom line.

Building Your Network

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, entrepreneurs that have bigger networks of people tend to grow larger, more successful companies.

One of their reports revealed that women tend to have smaller networks than men. Part of this is because women tend to seek business guidance from family and partners more so than friends and colleagues.

A small network can end up being very limiting for your business as you’re missing out on plenty of potential opportunities to work with other people.

It’s important for women entrepreneurs to expand their social as well as professional networks to include a diverse range of people from different business backgrounds. Making connections with other business owners can help open the doors to amazing new business ventures and possibilities.

If women entrepreneurs want the same opportunities as their male counterparts, they’re going to have to get out there and network more!

Getting Started With Networking

getting started with networkingNetworking may seem like a super easy thing to do but it can be a little bit of challenge to get started.

Whether you’re completely new to the business world or you’re not used to putting yourself out there and talking to people, these tips will help you take those first crucial steps.

See What’s Happening In Your Community

If you’re not sure where to start with networking, find out what’s happening in your local community. Check out local events, Facebook groups and clubs that hold business events that you can get involved in.

Most cities regularly run networking events for small business owners and business professionals alike.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, or maybe just some guidance and mentorship, you’ll want to find a place that brings female business owners together. This gives you the opportunity to connect with and learn from new people who can really help you in your business.

Incubators & Co-working Spaces

coworking spacesWorking together with people is a cornerstone to the growth of your business. Co-working spaces offer a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people and build great business relationships. This can also help if you’re looking for mentoring and advice. There are people out there who have already done exactly what you want to do, how valuable would it be for you to have the opportunity to pick their brains?


Hearing People Out

When you meet other professionals in your community, it’s important to listen and contribute to conversations so you can build that relationship. You may feel like pitching your business or making a sale of some sort but this isn’t the goal of networking. Ask questions, be curious and be the sponge when you have the opportunity to speak to people who’ve achieved what you want.





tips on buying businesses

Tips On Buying Businesses

Buyers are always more interested in businesses that have been running and generating a good amount of revenue and profit for a number of years.

While it’s more expensive tobuy out these types of established businesses, there is way less risk involved compared to buying a startup business that has only been around for a few months.

When it comes to buying businesses, experts all over the world will advise you to take the safe option and buy out existing businesses that have been trading for a fairly long time.

Once you decide on the business you want to purchase, you’ll have to hire an a business attorney.

A professional business attorney is highly experienced in the business buyout process. They will help you with the whole process of buying out a business.

Sorting Out a Business Plan

In the case of existing businesses you should find that they already have solid business plans. As you buyout a business, you have the choice of keeping the existing plan or making some significant changes, heck you could throw the plan out completely and come out with one rom scratch (although this isn’t what we recommend).

Every business owner should have a good idea for how they want to operate their business. You’ll more than likely want to make a few changes to the business after you buy it out. In this case you’ll want to take the best parts out of the existing business plan and add bits to it to make it better.

Optimisation is the word that needs to be remembered here.

Pursuing Your Business Interests

One of the first steps towards buying a business is having a look at what’s around you (if you’re planning on buying a local brick and mortar business).

Check if they are any local businesses for sale, you might just find one that meets your expectations perfectly.

Before you do this though, you want to identify where your areas of business interest and expertise lie. You don’t want to invest in something you know nothing about.

Sticking to what you know is the safest option if you’re planning on buying a business, or if you want to venture into uncharted territories, find people who know their stuff in that area and become a sponge!

How Much Time Can You Dedicate?

Owning your own business has it’s rewards but it also comes with a few compromises. If you want to run a successful business, you must be willing to invest a hell of a lot of time (especially at the start). Yes you can hire people to do the grunt work for you but if you’re bootstrapping your business you’ll have the put your head down and hustle for a few months, or even years in some cases.


Before buying out an existing business, you’ll need to really do your research and you may have to seek the advice of a professional. It doesn’t have to be an attorney, it could be someone who has plenty of experience with buying out businesses and knows all the tricks of the trade.